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Communication IQ

A Proven Way to Influence, Lead, and Motivate People (Life Languages) “By languages, in all their facets, we can live in peace or go to war. We sing songs in harmony, or shout insults in anger. We experience connection or disconnection. We work together in peace or in pain. The choice is ours.”—Anna Kendall

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The workplace of today looks and sounds nothing like it did a decade ago. Cultural, demographic, and generational diversity has changed the way companies develop, operate, and most importantly, communicate. And while that's a good thing, it's not without complications. If you're a leader in any capacity at a company, you've probably come to the obvious conclusion that you simply cannot lead the way you were taught twenty or ten years ago. It's hard to call a meeting and be the only one in the room with something to say. It's impossible to talk to Millennials in the same way you talk to Baby Boomers. Today's workplace is much too diverse for a "one size fits all" management style. In order to lead successfully in this day and age, you must adapt to and strive to understand the different styles, personalities, and temperaments of your employees. This may seem impossible, but there's a simple key to it all: Understanding their language.

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Speaking of Love

Have you ever felt as if you and your spouse were speaking different languages? Perhaps you are speaking different languages - different languages of love. By discovering each other's behavioral Life Languages, you will open new vistas of understanding.