Introducer FAQs

What is an Introducer?
Someone who wants to recommend, refer or introduce the Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP™) to their family, friends or contacts and receive a financial reward for each successful completion of a KLLP™.

Are there any fees, requirements or obligations?
No fees, no requirements or obligations. You can introduce as many people as you choose, as often as you choose and whenever you choose.

How much do I get paid, how and when?
Each time one of your introductions buys a KLLP you will receive 20% of that purchase price. For example the price of a Personal Profile is currently $49 therefore you receive 20% of that ie $9.80. The price of a Professional Profile is $79 so you receive 20% of that ie $15.80.

Your financial reward is placed into your holding account within our back office system (you can access this anytime) for a period of 7 working days in case there is a refund required. After that time has elapsed the money is transferred into your designated bank account on the first of the following month.

What do I do next?
Once you have registered you will be able to choose which link you wish to send to your contacts - either the Personal KLLP which rewards you with $9.80 or the link to the Professional KLLP which pays you $15.80.

You simply copy and paste the relevant link into your preferred contact method with a brief introduction and recommendation from yourself and send it. Send as many as you like as often as you like and our technology takes over. That’s it!

How do I know when any of my contacts have purchased a KLLP?
Our technology tracks your unique codes (your KLLP links) and will send you an email as soon as one of your contacts has bought a profile using one of your links.

Can I unpack/explain my contacts’ KLLP™ to them?
Only a qualified/certified Life Languages Communication Coach is authorised to unpack/explain a KLLP™. They have undergone extensive training and passed the certification course and are suitably qualified to deliver the best experience to your contacts.
If you have any further questions your coach is always on hand to answer any further questions.

Once again thank you and welcome!