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The workplace of today looks and sounds nothing like it did a decade ago. Cultural, demographic, and generational diversity has changed the way companies develop, operate, and most importantly, communicate. And while that's a good thing, it's not without complications. If you're a leader in any capacity at a company, you've probably come to the obvious conclusion that you simply cannot lead the way you were taught twenty or ten years ago. It's hard to call a meeting and be the only one in the room with something to say. It's impossible to talk to Millennials in the same way you talk to Baby Boomers. Today's workplace is much too diverse for a "one size fits all" management style. In order to lead successfully in this day and age, you must adapt to and strive to understand the different styles, personalities, and temperaments of your employees. This may seem impossible, but there's a simple key to it all: Understanding their language.
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The way we speak and listen to others is more critical than ever before if we hope to live and lead effectively. In this must read for any organizational leader and any young leader looking to lead well, Gerald R. Parsons shows you exactly how to bridge the communication gap between your multi-generational workforce through the use of the 7 Life Languages and the Communication IQ methodology.

About the author
Gerald R. Parsons is a forward-thinking strategic builder dedicated to character-driven communication as a core value. He has been affiliated with Life Languages International / Communication IQ for over 30 years and was appointed CEO in 2016. In his current role, Gerald strives each day to make a difference in the lives of his team and colleagues by creating equity within their relationships and the company.
Gerald is a firm believer that when people learn their communication styles they learn how to speak and listen so more people will hear and understand them. Personal and professional development that involves improving himself as a leader worth following both in his family and organization are his top priorities.
Living in constant reminder of how special his life is, Gerald is married to his wife of 40 years and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.